Gabriele Oliva, Stefano Panzieri, Federica Pascucci and Roberto Setola, "Network Localization by Shadow Edges," European Control Conference 2013, pag. pp. 2263 - 2268, 2013.
Localization is a fundamental task for sensor networks. Traditional network construction approaches allow to obtain localized networks requiring the nodes to be at least tri-connected (in 2D), i.e., the communication graph needs to be globally rigid. In this paper we exploit, besides the information on the neighbors sensed by each robot/sensor, also the information about the lack of communication among nodes. The result is a framework where the nodes are required to be bi-connected and the communication graph has to be rigid. This is possible considering a novel typology of link, namely Shadow Edges, that account for the lack of communication among nodes and allow to reduce the uncertainty associated to the position of the nodes.