Stefano De Porcellinis, Gabriele Oliva, Stefano Panzieri and Roberto Setola, "Modelling Interdependency among Phisical, Cyber and Human Behaviour via a MHR approach. ," Proc. of COST09 Workshop, ETH Zurich, , June 8-13, 2009.
Any critical infrastructure is a complex system, whose behavior, besides being related to the mutual relation with other infrastructures and with the environment, mainly depends on the interaction with its users, operators and managers. In this paper a formulation of the MHR modelling framework, developed by the authors in [5], is proposed in order to specifically take into account the human component inside a complex infrastructure scenario. To this end, each infrastructure is decomposed into its physical, cyber and organizational sub-domains. Each sub-domain is then represented using models with different levels of abstraction, in terms of elementary components, services and merged holistic blocks. Within this framework, it is possible to model the human factor during a crisis situation, describing the capability of the different teams to perform their intended tasks, taking into account the availability of physical and cyber resources and the support provided by other teams; moreover the influence of managing and coordinating actions provided by the organizative assets of the infrastructure is inspected.